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The Secret To Shopping At Goodwill

I didn’t always like thrifting. I felt gross touching all the dirty clothes and items in the stores. But, now that I actually have to pay for myself, it’s the best place to shop! I love Goodwill because recently, they have been expanding and improving their stores. Everything is dirt cheap and I never leave without something in my cart!

Here are a few tips and tricks to shopping at Goodwill!

1. Keep an open mind— don’t have too many expectations. You could find anything at a thrift store. If you walk in expecting to find a brand new polaroid camera, you’ll be disappointed. Keep your eyes open for new possibilities. A simple plate could be painted and made into wall art or even a jewelry holder.

2. Visit frequently— sometimes you could walk into one store and find absolutely nothing and go to another and walk out with a trunk full. Sometimes I enjoy going in the afternoons or later in the day when it is almost time for closing. Where I live, there aren’t many people at night which gives employees more time to put out new items. PERFECT!

3. Go at the beginning of the week— I’ve noticed that I find better items after the weekend once people have cleaned out their garages and dropped some stuff off. Going on a weekend is usually full of people. Which can get annoying with people hitting you with their carts or blocking the aisles with them. MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE EVER!

4. Location is key— older neighborhoods tend to have the best stuff! With older people having older vintage items, eventually it all ends up donated. I like to go to garage sales and estate sales. One person’s junk is another’s treasure. Higher end neighborhoods are also great places if you are looking for nicer clothes or newer items.

5. Travel some place new occasionally— my parents live in Cedar Rapids so when ever I go to visit I stop at all the stores It’s nice to explore new places or new cities and find places with amazing deals. I usually stop by some in Chicago which are filled with practically new clothes still with the tag attached.

Do you have any tips for thrifting? Let me know by commenting 🙂


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