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Getting Creative With Your Bullet Journal

My boyfriend turned 21 on April 10th so I figured a page directly about him and all the things I love about him was a good idea. I placed a page about gifts to help me brainstorm what to get him and future gifts for Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

Wil is very special to me. His real name is William but he spells in with one L because his siblings are Sam and Tim (3 letters). At first, he told me his real name was Wilbur and said that is why he spells it with one L. He even photoshopped his divers license to make me believe him. I told everyone this! I think my mom still thinks his real name is Wilbur.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.28.51 AM

Last year, I took a medication that was prescribed wrong. I overdosed daily and experienced terrible side effects. I didn’t think it was the medication and neither did my doctors. I went from weighing 120 to 100 in 3 months. Once I stopped taking the medication, my body stored everything I ate as fat, making me gain 45 pounds in one year. Now, my body has stopped acting this way so it’s time to get back to a healthy weight for my size.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.29.05 AM

What do you like most about having a bullet journal? Comment below!

21 thoughts on “Getting Creative With Your Bullet Journal

  1. Your journal is so neat and cute! I can tell you’re very organized. Love all the pages🌸💕
    I haven’t exactly started mine but yours would definitely be an inspiration

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      1. lol I can imagine! I love your handwriting too, I found mine has gotten sloppy probably because I started typing more instead of actually writing


  2. I love how you use a lot of text with a bit of stickers/drawings/washi to decorate! I wish I had more faith in my lettering and drawing ability to be as creative as you are. 🙂

    (Also, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Always happy to meet a fellow stationery devotee!)

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    1. Thanks for checking mine out! And I have another notebook that I practice on for fonts and washi tape. It helps 🙂


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  4. You bullet journal is so pretty! I love how you use the washi tape ❤️ also, the layout you used on the spread for losing weight is amazing! i might try it as well in the future

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  5. Your journal is making me go back to my strong obsession with washii tape …I think it may back up my cause to buy more ahahah! Looks lovely!

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