A Tour Of My Living Room!

A few months ago, I realized how much time I was spending in my room. So I tried to use my living room more. But, I hated it. It looked boring and bland. I have a red couch and I didn’t know how to utilize it. I spent a long time on Pinterest and really liked this modern, boho style. Luckily, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s had all of this. So in my cart it went.


Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.09.10 PM.png

The this picture isn’t recent because I was lazy to get up and take another. Plus, we’ve had rain for over a week so no natural lighting for me! I added a couple more pictures on the wall. I worked hard on this so I’m pretty proud of myself 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.08.11 PM

The photo on the right is when I went to Adventureland with my friends and got one of those vintage photos taken. Was so much fun! The picture on the left is of my cat, Jewel. She died a few years ago and I miss her so much! We were inseparable…

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 1.08.18 PM

Most of the things in my living room were bought from Hobby Lobby as well as Gordmans, Michael’s, and K-mart. I love my giant wooden J in this photo!

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.42.50 PM

Most of the thrift stores in my area sell vintage cameras for dirt cheap. I think they make nice accessories on my shelves. I got the frames from Kmart on sale for $10.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.42.44 PM

I found the wooden frame at Goodwill for only $1 which is pretty awesome. I love how it stands out on my stand. I got the lamp at Target, which, I’m sure you already know.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 1.42.58 PM

My grandmother found this at a Salvation Army! I love beagles so it’s perfect.

So there you have it! My lovely and cozy living room. I will be moving in August so hopefully I can make it look as great as this room. Let me know what you think of my designs! Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

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