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How To Take On A Monday

Okay so no one likes Mondays. They can be dreadful, difficult, and tiring. Everyone has to go back to work or school after having either a relaxing or adventurous weekend. No one looks forward to Mondays but I have a few ideas on how to make those day’s better.

Here are my tips to help kick Monday in the butt!

1. Open up your curtains— having some light shine into your room can really help brighten your day, literally. Waking up to the subtle, natural light is so much nicer than the loud, obnoxious alarm. It always puts me in a good mood which is what you need on the those dreadful Mondays.

2. Sing in the shower— you gotta start waking up so why not do what we all love to do. Play your favorite playlist and sing away! You’ll feel more awake and prepared to take on whatever Monday has in store for you.

3. Have an amazing breakfast— whip up some pancakes and a smoothie. I know it’s hard enough to get out of bed let alone cook a big breakfast. But why not? Make something you’ve been meaning to have for while but just haven’t had the time.

4. Dress up a little— having a positive attitude goes a long way. Feeling confident inside and out can make your day more enjoyable. So spend those extra minutes getting ready, wear your hottest outfit, or even your comfiest! What ever makes you feel ready to take on a Monday.

5. Enjoy your cup of coffee— I’m sure a lot of us try to drink our first morning cup of coffee as fast as we can while running out the door. This doesn’t help us. So sit down on the couch, read the newspaper or twitter (whatever works for you) and take the time to enjoy your morning!

Thanks for reading everyone! Now go show Monday who’s boss!





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