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DIY Sticker Magnets

I’ve been lacking on my DIY projects but hopefully this summer I can post weekly. We’ll see how creative I can get. I was exploring Pinterest, again, and saw sticker magnets. Easiest thing ever!!


  1. peal off the white sheet from the sheet of magnet.
  2. place the stickers evenly spaced (about 4 cm) onto the magnet sheet
  3. cut out the stickers carefully. It doesn’t have to be perfect either.
  4. enjoy your new sticker magnets!

There it is! See how easy that was? Only took me about 15 minutes. I have a feeling my fridge is going to be filled with these…Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

13 thoughts on “DIY Sticker Magnets

  1. These are so cute and simple to make! I bought magnet sheets a few weeks ago and didn’t know how I would design them but now I’ve got some easy ideas, thanks☺️💕

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