Milestone Questions & Answers

Hello lovely bloggers!

I’ve noticed that I’m only a few away from reaching 100 followers. About four to be exact. This is a great milestone for me and I’m so excited! I want to say thank you to everyone! I really appreciate your support. I thought I would try to spice things up for reaching this great milestone. So, I’d like to celebrate by doing a Q & A post! 

This is your chance to ask me anything you’d like. My life, friends, family, travel experience. Anything you’d like! I’ll answer them when I officially reach 100 followers. ❤ Leave them in the comments below!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM







14 thoughts on “Milestone Questions & Answers

  1. That’s amazing, I hope you reach 100 by the end of the day☺️
    • What is your favorite bullet journal page? Can you show a picture?
    • What DIY project would you like to try next?
    • What inspires your posts and feature images?

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  2. Congrats dear, that is amazing. My questions are: What is your favorite part of the day? and If you could wear one outfit till the rest of your life, what would it be and why? 🙂


  3. As of writing this, you have 98 followers. Yay! Only two more to go Jordyn! ❤️
    Here are my questions:

    Who is your favorite superhero character and why?
    What made you decide to take up Psychology in college?
    What are your top 3 beauty essentials?

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  4. Awww yay! Congrats on reaching 100! As I read this you’re on 99, so you’ll get there very soon 😀
    Here are some questions:
    What’s your favourite part of the day?
    Do you prefer staying up late, or getting up early?
    Have you told your friends and family about your blog? Why/Why not?
    Hope you have a great day!! 😀

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  5. Hi, congratulations on 100 followers! Your blog is amazing.

    My question is do you have any tattoo’s or piercings? If not do you want any, if so what do you want??

    Olivia 🙂

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