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For All The Mother’s Out There


I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! I defiantly did. I would first like to share with you reasons why I love my mother and why she is such an inspirational, positive person in my life. The reasons are endless but I picked a few of the most important reasons. Then, I will show you my DIY project for Mother’s Day.


  1. She is always supportive of me— no matter what decisions or actions I make, even my mistakes, she has my back.
  2. I can tell her anything— secrets don’t happen between us. I can talk to her about anything no matter what it is. She understands me and listens to me.
  3. She is my best friend— I have hardly had any experience her being full on mom. And I mean the over protective parent or constant nagging. Never had that with her. She will always be my best friend and has raised me to become, what I think, as a great daughter.
  4. We understand each other— when I confide in her, she knows when I need her advice and when I need her to just listen and be there for me.
  5. She brightens my day— we are always laughing and having a good time. We don’t take this too seriously so we are goofballs. I always look forward to spending the day with her and talking to her!




  1. paint the pot white.
  2. hot glue the tassel around the rim (I also braided some white string).
  3. tape the wooden dowels to the back of the seed packets.
  4. place the plant inside the pot and place the seed packets, gloves, and shovels into the dirt to help hold them up. I used the dowels to keep the gloves up.
  5. give your gift to the person you love!

Thanks for reading everyone!  This whole gift only cost me about $20 from Walmart. To assemble took about 10 minutes. Only thing that took time was painting the pot and hot glueing the tassel to the rim. Again, I hope you had a great Mothers Day and I hope everyone got to celebrate 🙂Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

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