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Setting Up My Bullet Journal

I haven’t done a bullet Journal post for almost a month now. I’ve been slacking big time. I am taking an intense language course this summer. I have class everyday for 3 hours, over 3 hours worth of homework, and exams every Friday. I haven’t had much time for my hobbies so today, I’ve been working hard! So I’d like to share with you my monthly page set ups!



Since this was one of my first pages, I decided to go with pink for my theme. I also continued this for my weekly spreads. Here are my other pages! As you might know, I like stickers and have to use them all my pages. It feels more complete!


After doing a month of all pink pages, I started to run out of my favorite washi tape, forcing me to go down a different road. So, this greenish color seemed like a good theme for April. I really like having a long list of to-do’s. Makes me feel more motivated to check them off.


This is my favorite set up! I thought these spring colors were perfect for the month of May. I know my to-do list isn’t very long but I can’t think of what else I need to do. Most of my motivation is school, work, family, and my blog.

Those are my monthly set ups! I only have three because I bought this book at the end of February and I didn’t want to transfer it all to this bullet journal. Anyways, thanks for reading everyone!

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