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Mental Health Mini Challenge 

May is mental health month, which I didn’t know this was a thing, until I read a post by The World of Fritters who was inspired by a mental health mini challenge Lauren’s Notebook created. I thought this was such a great idea I had to try it! I think I’ll make this a series too! I keep track of what I do daily in my bullet journal so I’ve summarized what I did everyday starting May 1st.


Day 1—enjoyed the fresh air— sitting outside and studying for my finals was perfect. Downtown was nice and quite, making studying actually enjoyable. I think I’ll make this a routine for during the summer!

Day 2—went for a bike ride— before my bike broke, I used to go all the time, but now I use my boyfriend’s bike. There’s a big park by his house that I love visiting! The bugs aren’t my favorite, since it’s along a river, but I like to bring bread for the ducks 🙂

Day 3—pampered myself— my nails have never been a priority because I always pick at them, but I painted and filed them today. I just started filing because I figured it was better than biting them off. I know, it’s a gross habit.

Day 4— made a list of what makes me happy— flowers, movies, grapes and cheese, the people in my life, my dogs, watermelon, cookie dough ice cream, bike rides, journaling, shopping, new restaurants, and mai tai cocktails.

Day 5—saw a movie— the last movie I saw in theatre was Beauty and The Beast. But, I saw The Fast and Furious movie and I gotta say, it was pretty bad. The effects were pretty cool but boy was it cheesy. I haven’t seen the previous movies and I can see why. I still had fun though!

Day 6—went to the farmers market— since it’s May, the farmers market has started. It was kind of small since it was the first one of the year, but I enjoyed seeing all the artwork, crafts, fresh produce, and the vendors.

Day 7—did some traveling— today, I went to The Flea Market in What Cheer for the day and it was really fun. I saw so many interesting things people made and neat antiques. It was the perfect day out too!

Day 8—decluttered the house— it is the season for garage sales so I spent all day going through my clothes and old things I didn’t want anymore. My parents are having a sale next weekend so I dropped everything off at my parents house. Felt really good to let things go! I have so much more space now.

Day 9—went to bed early— after a week of studying for finals, I really need this.  I fell asleep around 10:00 and got up at 10:00. Waking up full of energy was perfect. It’s important to get your beauty sleep!

Day 10—got a little creative— it was raining a little today so I decided to make something for myself. I made a mason jar sewing kit, which I’ve been needing for awhile now. I also caught up on my bullet journal. Felt great to have a day to myself!

Day 11—tried a new recipe— cooking has been off my mind lately so today, I decided to try something different. I made some cupcakes for mother’s day and my boyfriend’s mom helped me decorate the tops with flowers. Our homemade icing was so delicious and sweet!

Day 12—wrote down three things I’m grateful for today— finals are over so I got to sleep in AND I didn’t have to work. I got to see my family and puppies! And I got a letter from my loving grandmother which I love reading!

Day 13—went to the park— more like the dog park, with my boyfriend and his dog, Rocko. It was beautiful out and the pond was open so Rocko had some fun. He always tries to bite the water. It’s fun to watch!

Day 14—spent the day with family— since it’s Mother’s Day, I spent the day with my mom, my grandma, and my brother. We ate at Culver’s and saw Guardians of The Galaxy. It was a pretty good day and I’m happy I got to spend it with them!

This challenge was fun! I try to do something for me on a daily basis. Having time for myself and doing simple tasks are important for my mental health. I encourage all of you to try this challenge or do a mental health post for May!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM




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