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The Travel Tag

Hello lovely bloggers!

I have been nominated by the lovely Janeth to do this Travel Tag! I’ve been waiting to do this tag with awhile now and I’m so excited to get started! Oh, and of course thank your for nominating me! A big thanks to you! I also changed this up a bit because I like all my tags and awards to be consistent. And since this one didn’t have a section for rules, I had to include it.

Here are the rules!

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link
  • Answer the 8 questions given to you
  • Nominate some people

Here are the questions!

1. What is your favorite place you’ve visited?— I would have to say Orlando, Florida. I was there for a week with my parents and brother. We went to Disney World, Busch Gardens, and DMC Studios. It was the perfect trip for a kid! Recently, I went to San Antonio, Texas and Corpus Christi, which was an amazing trip!

2. If you could visit anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?— Rome because I love history. I love exploring and doing new things. I’ve never traveled outside the country so most places I’ve visited in America all look pretty similar. Besides the monuments. However, Rome is very different, unique, and unbelievable beautiful!


3. Would you rather go to the city or the beach?— City for sure. I’ve gone to the beach before and kinda got bored after half an hour. If I am going to travel, I won’t be in the mood the relax. I will want to see everything I possibly can!

4. What are your top 3 travel essentials?— my phone so I can take pictures, my pillow and blanket because I will freak out sleeping in a hotel room without them. Touching those nasty bedsheets will not help me sleep. I need something from my bed to help me have a good nights sleep. And lastly, a comfy sweatshirt.

5. Are you an over packer or an under packer?— over packer, I mean, what girl isn’t? I try to leave at least a little room for souvenirs. Usually a pouch in my suitcase for keychains and what not. Also, if I will be gone for about 3 days, then I will pack for about 5 or 6. I need back ups just in case!

6. What is your favorite thing about going on a vacation?— creating new experiences and memories. I’m an adventurous girl so learning new things gives me a thrill. To me, a vacation isn’t about a taking a break from life. It’s about exploring the world I live in and cherishing those moments with the people I love.

7. Would you go rather on a vacation with your family or friends?— well, when I go with my parents, my dad kinda freaks out and gets super protective and grouchy. He will try to stop us from doing things, which I hate. But I haven’t gone with my friends before. Maybe once to the Mall of America, which sucked because most of my friends didn’t want to do anything. So. I think family wins this one.

.8. What is the most adventurous dish you’ve tried while traveling?— I don’t usually try different dishes because I have a weak and sensitive stomach. So, the idea of possibly ending up sick instead of exploring the town doesn’t sound like a risk I want to take. But, I did have this amazing pineapple burger with some special mayo that was to die for!
Here are the people I nominate!

And that ends the tag! If you are reading this and wasn’t nominate, then please, feel free to do this tag. I would love to read yours so make sure to tag me!



11 thoughts on “The Travel Tag

  1. This tag is really cute, I love knowing more about people’s travels! I would also love to go to Rome one day, it’s so packed with culture and history, plus it looks gorgeous!!
    Thanks for the nomination 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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