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How To Discover Your Talents

I believe that everyone has a natural gift. And it’s important to know what they are. I recently took a Positive Psychology class and learned how our strengths and weaknesses can lead us to a more happy and fulfilled life.

Here’s how you can discover your talents!

1. Look at your past— try to remember when you weren’t influenced by others. Try to remember what you did because it made you happy or what experiences resulted in the best memories. Sometimes, considering what you did as a child can reveal your deepest talents and interests.

2. List your hobbies— think about what you love to do most and what activities you feel make you lose sense of time. Your obsessions can help you identify your deepest passions.

3. Take a personality test— these can help you determine your key personality traits, skills, and interests. Try taking the Myers-Briggs test. Based off your answers to various questions, you’ll be categorized into one of 16 personality types. Once you know which category you fall into, you can start seeing your strengths and weaknesses more clearly.

4. Consider what feels natural— some things are easier to do than others depending on the person. Talents are not only something you love doing, but also something you do better than most. If there is anything that comes natural to you that doesn’t seem so natural to others, it’s a talent.

5. Keep track of your accomplishments— look back on your life and think about times where you really succeeded. It could be a contest, an award, or receiving positive feedback. This can help you figure out your talent. It’s also good to think about the challenging times in your life and how you got through those tough situations.

And there we have it! I hope this was helpful to you and I hope you will soon discover your talents. Have a great day everyone!




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