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Some Tips For Road Trips!

I used to travel all the time when I was younger. Now, not so much. My car sickness has been getting worse. My most recent trip was to San Antonio, Texas as well as Corpus Christi. Even though we flew, we had to drive to the Chicago Airport which is about a 3 hour drive for me. Over the years, I’ve learned a couple of things that I think are useful. So no matter where you are traveling, these tips can help you stay safe and make your journey more enjoyable.


First of all, stop thinking about needing to get to your destination as quick as possible. The goal isn’t just to get from point A to point B. The goal is to explore and enjoy the journey. So plan out places you’d like to stop along the way. Besides, stopping every once in awhile helps the trip go by faster when you have things to look forward to.


Having different playlists will get you pumped, stay focused on the road, and keep you entertained. A playlist with brand new songs or one’s you don’t know the words to, a playlist that is mellow or relaxing, and a playlist that makes you wanna dance!


Using a shower caddy to keep all you car essentials in one clean place is very helpful. You don’t need to dig to find what you need or risk something leaking and getting your car all dirty. It’s also a lot safer for you and everyone. Also, make your own trash bin with a cereal container. Keeps your car from filling up with garbage and smells.


Cutting across three lanes at last minute to get off your exit is dangerous. That’s an obvious one. So look ahead, pay attention to the exit signs, and study your map. If you’re traveling with someone, have them be in charge of your GPS and keep you updated so you don’t get in an accident.


This may seem obvious but if you’re going to be in a car for part of your day, don’t wear something that feels too tight sitting down. You’ll get grouchy and maybe feel sick after awhile. Wear sweatpants and a t-shirt. No one cares! Stop at a gas station and change before you reach your destination if you’re worried about it.

I hope these tips will help you out the next time you go on a road trip! Thanks for reading everyone and of course I would love to hear any tips you have so leave them in the comments section below!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM


13 thoughts on “Some Tips For Road Trips!

  1. These are so true! I’ve been to San Antonio when my husband graduated basic training in 2011 (he was my boyfriend then). We visited the Alamo, and we’re walking the River Walk. Great suggestions!


  2. I definitely agree that it isn’t just about getting to the destination, but the journey to and back. It makes the whole trip much more eventful. Also, I also have problems with car sickness. If you don’t know what’s causing it – you may want to take a look at vertigo or even allergies and sinuses (the fluids trapped behind the ear can make you dizzy easier).

    Natalie | Holistic Health, Lifestyle, & Travel

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  3. I took a few road trips while I was living in the States and it was so much fun. We mostly drove straight through to our destination but also stopped to take pictures in front of State signs. 🙂 We also stopped for food obviously. 🙂
    I love how you see so many different things when driving.

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