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How To Declutter Your Closet

Last week, I posted my Top Summer Wardrobe Must Haves and it made me realize how much shopping I’ve done. And how full my closet is. I decided it was time to declutter my closet. It can be a lengthy process and hard for most of us who struggle with letting things go. When ever the seasons change, I go through my closet and store my out-of-season clothes instead of letting them take up space in my closet.

While going through your closet, ask yourself, will I wear this again? Does it fit? Have I worn it within the last few months? If your answer is no, then let it go!


And I truly do mean everything. It’s important to get a good look at all the things you own. Lay them out into different piles like for winter or summer. Maybe even denim or flannel. Whatever helps you stay organized.


Ask yourself, do you really need this many pairs of jeans? I usually try on most of the clothes I hadn’t wore in a while to see if it still fits right. If it doesn’t, then I gotta let it go. I admit, sometimes I hold on to an item if I love it but can’t fit into it. I guess I turn it into a prize for losing weight.


Now it’s time to sort into a keep pile, donating pile, and selling pile. The keep pile should include clothes you wear on a regular basis or are useful for certain occasions and seasons. For the donating pile, these should be clothes you’d probably just throw away. But don’t throw it out, donate. Just because you won’t wear it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Lastly, the selling pile should have designer or brand name items. Things that people will actually buy.

This may seem easy, and it is. But, the idea of reducing your clothes can be challenging. Think of it this way, if you haven’t worn it at least once, or maybe even three time, then think of all the people that will wear it. That makes purging your closet worth it!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

10 thoughts on “How To Declutter Your Closet

  1. I need to clean out my closet…desperately. It’s a mess in there. I have WAAAAYYYY more than I could ever need. It just always looks so awful when you’re cleaning it out, it feels like every inch of your room becomes cluttered and wrecked. Lol. But I WILL get to it.

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