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A Letter To…

Lately, I’m been thinking about my past. Situations I’ve faced, the people who changed me, and what I’ve gone through. So today, I want to share with all of you short letters to people that have shaped me into who I am now. I’m about to get a little personal which is hard for me to do, so please keep that in mind. Some of these are sweet while some are a little depressing.


I will forever hate you. I didn’t deserve what you did to me. I fell for you hard during our few months together. My question is why? You treated me like crap. You abused me, broke me, made me do things I didn’t want to do. The pain was unbearable when you left me. I felt relieved when you gave me a second chance, but I was wrong to think that, wasn’t I? You didn’t really want me. You didn’t speak to me for two weeks. Made me think you were sick. I made you a “Get Well Soon” box with all your favorite things. I felt so humiliated. You couldn’t just tell me? You had to drag it out? Despite of all the pain, you made me realize so much. For a little while, I was no longer depressed. I was happy. So, in a way, thank you for being such a terrible person to make me realize how wonderful I am.


You are an amazing person. You are dedicated and so strong. When grandpa pasted away, you didn’t want your children and grandchildren to see you hurting, so you pulled through. You have gone through so much in your life. You are very healthy too. You walk all the time, never sit for more than an hour at most, always keeping yourself busy. You are 79 years old without serious health issues. Now that is amazing to me. You have always loved my artwork and always made me feel important. So thank you for being such an inspiration and a second mother to me.


Thank you. You both have done so much for me. I am so thankful to have such loving, supportive, great parents like you two. I have never held back from tell you guys what I’m thinking, what’s going on in my life, or any problems I might be having. I love you two so much and I can’t imagine my life without you two. Everyday, you two make me feel inspired, motivated, and encouraged to be who I want to be. I don’t feel pressured or worried about my future. Again, thank you for always being there for me!


You all made me feel weak. All the time. Everyday, you’d pick on me, spread rumors, made me feel less of a person. I don’t care if you were young. It’s no excuse to hurt another person, especially for your amusement. I’ll come across all of you from time to time and you’ll try to say hi to me. Like you have no idea how much you effected me. Like, bullying is harmless. So, I hope karma will catch up to you soon.


Meeting you changed my life. I never felt such a connection with someone before. We instantly became sisters. We would go to school wearing the same outfit, unplanned of course. We finished each other’s sentences and liked/disliked the same things. It was like finding my other half. I hope our friendship will never fade and that we’ll always be close.

I could’ve done more but I like to keep my list posts from 5 to 10. Anyways, thank you for reading everyone! I would love to hear who has shaped or changed you into who you are now, so, comment below!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM




20 thoughts on “A Letter To…

  1. I’m so sorry you had to be with someone that treated you so poorly, but I’m glad you have people around you that love and care about you without reservation; everyone deserves that! My boyfriend of 4.5 years and my best friend of 20+ years (along with family) have changed my life in ways that I didn’t know were possible. I’m in a safe, healthy, and loving environment with them and I feel loved for who I am and all of my flaws! xoxo

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  2. I totally relate to the school bullies and ex-boyfriend experiences. Those situations really shaped my life, in good and bad ways, but also taught me how to be a better person. Love this post!


  3. BOO to the boys of my past. You really have to kiss a coupe frogs before you meat your prince. It’s so good that you are able to speak about it and speak out about those who mean a lot to you and inspire you. Great post. I saw something similar to this and it was called, “a letter to my ex-bestfriend”, it was really good!


  4. I think writing letters like this is so therapeutic, I can most definitely relate to the best friend one 🙂 I feel like in today’s time with social media and like instant messaging we have all forgotten about the art of just simply penning down feelings and how decluttering that can be in your personal life.
    I really like your blog and gave you a follow both here as well as on your insta 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂

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  5. Wow, what a great and strong blogpost. I really feel you with number 4. I also got bullied a lot but I actually think it made me stronger. It also makes me really more secure. I think I have more social abilities than my bullies, and when I look back on it, I’ve learned a lot from being bullied. But I also totally get you, I don’t have/want to talk anymore with my bullies! xo

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      1. It did make me super insecure. I’ve been bullied from age 5/6 to like 14/15. Non-stop. I live in a small town so my ‘past’ of being always the young and the weird one kept following me. I am 18 now and I overcame my insecurity’s. Don’t let the bullies win, you know you’re stronger than that. I can’t even count how many times a got home, crying. I was super insecure and I thought I had no friends and nobody wanted me. But you gotta keep your head up and now that you are worth it! xo

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  6. Love this idea for a post also!
    It sucks that many of us deal with these horrible relationships and bullies but like you said, it helps you realize how great of a person YOU are at least.
    I’m glad you have great friends and family, that’s who matter💖💖


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