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Binge-Watching Favorites

I do not have cable. It’s expensive now a days! So, I turned to Netflix. Which brought on the deadly binge-watching. And I really do mean deadly because I get so wrapped up in a tv-series that I end up making bad decisions like not studying for a test. Netflix is so addicting that I’m re-watching my favorite shows. Which is why I’m writing this post!


Shows about crime have always been a passion of mine. This show is about a guy who works as a blood analysis for the MPD… and he’s a psychopath that follows his fathers code: only kill a killer. Not gonna lie, the featured picture kind of freaked me out with the saran wrapped around his face. I thought it was gonna be scary. Definitely not! I think he’s funny too. He doesn’t feel any emotions so I find it funny when he realizes what a normal person would do then tries to do it. You just gotta watch it!

THE 100

This show will always be my favorite. I’m currently watching this now for the third time. That’s how much I like it! Particularly the first season. This show is about the earth being uninhabitable due to nuclear war forcing thousands of people to retreat to space. After 100 years, the survivors are quickly running out of air, forcing them to find a quick solution. The send down 100 of their juvenile delinquent prisoners to see if Earth is survivable. It’s a great story, well written plot, and I love all of the characters. Well, except the main character. I just don’t think her acting is that great. What draws me in is the surprising twists and challenges they face!


I’m sure you’ve all heard about this show before. I think this was one of the first tv-series I ever watched. This show is about a 50 plane crash survivors who are trapped on an island. Over a short period of time, they realize they aren’t alone. Also, that the island is no ordinary island. The show has managed to stretch out over 7 seasons. And I promise it isn’t one of those shows where every season finale they ALMOST get off the island. You’ll just have to take my word for it and watch it yourself!


I started watching this because I didn’t have anything else to watch so I thought “eh, why not?” and boy did I make the right decision. The show takes place in a town called Mystic Falls when a high school girl named Elena Gilbert gets the attention of a new guy named Stefan on the first day of school. She lost her parents in a car accident over the summer and she was determined to be happy again. Shortly after, Stefan is revealed to be a 100-year-old vampire who fell in love with Elena the first time he laid eyes on her. Their epic romance was the reason why I was hooked on this show. Oh, and of course Stefan’s brother who comes to town to stir things up. This show is addicting and I loved watching it!


Now this show is really good! The first season, at least the first few episodes, are a little graphic. And by that I mean you will see a lot of lesbian action and naked women. But, that goes away. A happily engaged woman named Piper is sent to a women’s federal prison from transporting a suitcase full of drug money across international borders, 10 years prior, for her girlfriend at the time, Alex. The first season is all about her adapting in jail and then suddenly, she has to share it with Alex! What a coincidence! I just love all of the characters and the drama that goes on. If you can get passed the nudity then you’ll love it!

So, what kind of shows do you watch? I’m curious if there are any crime lovers out there! Comment below and give me some new shows to watch!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM


34 thoughts on “Binge-Watching Favorites

  1. My boyfriend and I have been binge watching Parenthood on Netflix. Earlier this year we watched the WHOLE Gilmore Girls series (+ the reboot) and then we watched Friday Night Lights. I loved them both so much. Parenthood is really good as well, not quite as good as the other 2 shows, but definitely still solid!

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    1. My husband and I as well went through the Gilmore Girls and the reboot. I started watching it when he was in Korea, but didn’t get too far. When I started again, around the third season, he grew curious and watched it with me.

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      1. My boyfriend had seen a couple of seasons and liked it so I decided to give it a try. I pretty much hated the reboot, but the original series is definitely one of my all-time favorite shows!

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      2. I liked parts of the reboot. The long dragged out play parts or things similar I didn’t really get personally. I definitely had mixed feelings. The parts focusing on the family, I really did enjoy, and was so happy for Emily breaking out of her mold.

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  2. Friends is me and my boyfriend’s favorite show to binge watch. I’ve seen every episodes few times already, but he’s watching it for the first time and it’s so fun! We’re getting into Black Mirror now as well, but I don’t have much to say about it yet because we’ve only watched one episode so far. On the movie side of things- I’m really intrigued by Lily Collins’ new Netflix film To The Bone, so we’ll definitely be checking it out soon (: great post as always xoxo

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    1. I just watched a trailer for this Netflix film To The Bone! It touches upon some serious issues, but it doesn’t seem depressive at all;) can’t wait to watch it!

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  3. Ah Netflix. It really has made binge watching a bigger problem πŸ˜‚
    I don’t watch too many crime shows, I’m more into sitcoms or comedy-dramas. Like Gilmore Girls, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine Nine. That kind of thing πŸ˜€

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  4. I love this post because I’m obsessed with TV shows!
    A couple days ago I was looking for a new obsession, The 100 was in my consideration but I end up watching Revenge, and I CAN’T STOP. Literally, can’t stop. It’s about a girl who’s plotting revenge against people who arrested and murdered her father. I love stories with a twist, and see how all the puzzles fit together.
    I’ll definitely check The 100 after I’m done with Revenge.
    I’m also rewatching Gossip Girl with my roommate;)

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  5. Lost and The 100 are some of my favs too! (Just finished season 3 of the 100 today actually!) My other most recent binges have been Girlboss, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gilmore Girls and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt πŸ™‚


  6. Great choice. I personally loved A Series Of Unfortunate Events, Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why to name a few.
    Apart from Netflix’s, I binge watched Game of Thrones, Dexter, Sherlock Holmes and yes my all time favourite shows, Two and A Half Men and Friends…..

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