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What I Would Tell My Older Self

Recently, I ran across a post by Everything Me who wrote to her future self. This is such a great idea, which makes me wonder why I haven’t done this yet. Last month, I wrote What I Would Tell My Younger Self so now it’s time to write to my future self! Today, I am writing about things I find are important. One day, I will look back and read this post and it’ll help me realize how far I’ve come.


Not everyone is going to like you. It took you a long time to realize that being yourself is the most important thing. Before, you would act differently around people because you wanted them to like you. I hope that you aren’t doing this anymore. I hope that you have people in your life that you trust and love dearly. You are an amazing, kind, funny person so I hope you’ve let other see this.


Your dreams are especially important because without them, what’s the point? Are you really living if you aren’t reaching for a goal or trying to accomplish something in life? When you were younger, you wanted to be a graphic designer. You always thought that’s what you wanted to do. Then, you took a complete 180 and wanted to become a mental health counselor. You dream of helping people in a way that other counselors can’t. I hope that you still are holding on to this dream and haven’t given up. Having depression and helping others who are depressed is a real challenge so I hope that you are changing lives, just like you wanted to do!


You have always been dedicated, hard working, and motivated to accomplish your goals. I hope you are still this way. So much has happened to you in the past that would make anyone feel depressed and lost. But, you’ve pushed through it. You’ve held on. And I hope this is still the case. When something bad happens, it would take awhile for you to let it go or try to stay positive. I hope that you’ve gotten better at this!


You have always been a defensive person. Which is understandable because so many people have hurt you, disappointed you, and made you feel like you aren’t worth a damn. I hope that you no long hold yourself back and that you are more trusting. If you aren’t, that’s still okay. Years of betrayal takes time. Healing can be a long process so I hope that you are getting better at this and letting people see who you truly are. Which is amazing by the way!


For awhile, you struggled to find things that made you happy. You lost interested in your hobbies, relationships, your job, and even school. But, you’ve started to rediscover yourself and what you love. You believe that being a mental health counselor is the right thing for you. You love blogging, DIY projects, and have taken up cooking. You even like your job! You’ve been there for almost a year which is amazing compared to you last record only being 3 months. I hope that you have found MANY new things you love doing as well the people in your life.

That’s all I have for today! Not sure when I will be reading this again. Maybe in a year? Maybe I’ll do a reply post or reflection. Anyways, I would love to hear what you would tell your older self and your goals for the future. Make sure to comment below 🙂Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM


13 thoughts on “What I Would Tell My Older Self

  1. “Do what you love, and love what you do”…this is so important for me. I hate feeling like I’m doing things that I’m not incredibly passionate about, it just feels like such a waste. That’s part of the reason I started my blog in the first place; I just love writing and sharing experiences with other people! Great Post!

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  2. i loved reading this, staying true to yourself is so important and something i really do struggle with due to a fear of being judged by others or not being ‘good’ enough and working on that has made a big difference!

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