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Avoid Getting Bored This Summer

School is over and that long break you’ve been waiting for since school started is finally here. You’re excited to relax, go to the beach, and enjoy yourself and summer nights with friends. However, after a week, you’re already bored. Running out of things to do. All you do is sit around and watch TV or sleep the day away. But, it doesn’t have to happen this summer. So, today I am sharing a couple of tips on surviving summer boredom!


This is a great way to get you going and active each day. Getting up the same time each morning, having a healthy breakfast, exercising. These are all great things you should consider doing. I feel more energized when I go to sleep and wake up the same time everyday. Having a routine keeps you busy and prevents you from being unproductive and in bed all day.


These could be big or small. It doesn’t matter. As long as you are trying to accomplish them. You’ve got so much time for yourself during the summer so why not take some time to list all the tasks you need to do. Each day, you’ll be a little more productive and less likely to turn into a lazy couch potato.


This could be anything like biking or going to the gym. Maybe getting a little crafty. You’ve got plenty of time on your hands so why not experiment a little. Last year, I started bullet journaling and fell in love! Maybe you’ll find a new hobby you’ll love doing and make your summer more enjoyable!


You have the opportunity to travel, create new experiences and memories with the people you love. Mostly your friends. You’re going to get bored if you don’t make time for them. Try to go to a concert together, see a movie, maybe go out to eat at a new restaurant. As long as you are spending your days with friends and people you enjoy being around, your summer is going to be great!


This could be a day you spend with your friends, a trip to someplace new, or even going to a waterpark. I think that having something fun going on during your break will get you excited and have you counting down the days. Last year, I went to Country On The River. I spent a month looking for the perfect outfits for my 3-day concert. Preparing for my trip gave me something to do!

Summer is the time to have fun and have adventures. It can be difficult to stay entertained with all the time you’ve got during the summer. So, I hope these tips can help you avoid summer boredom! Let me know what you like to do during summer πŸ™‚Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM


15 thoughts on “Avoid Getting Bored This Summer

  1. Loved this! x I’m trying to achieve similar things too, especially the one with finding a new hobby, because I want to do so many new things but just don’t get around doing them haha x

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  2. Can’t let summer pass without swimming and chilling by the pool. It’s my favorite summer activity! πŸ’•

    These are some lovely summer ideas too. Thanks for sharing and have a great summer ahead. β˜€οΈ

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  3. Enjoy summer love ❀. It’s a bit chilly here in South Africa because we are currently in winter but I am also on holiday and what has really kept me busy is Pinterest, there are endless DIY crafts to make, ideas on blog posts and there is a lot to learn there too🌈

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  4. I’ve found that making plans is such a huge help in not getting bored. There’s less down time trying to figure out what to do only to ending up doing nothing. So far so good for me this summer. My new hobby is a secret right now but will be revealed later hehehe.


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