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Before Summer Ends Bucket List

I know that it’s July and we’re already half was into summer, but I still have things I want to do. I haven’t had a break at all and won’t until the first week of August. So, I will have two weeks of no school! Which means, I need to have some adventures in my two-week-summer vacation.


  1. recreate my first date, camping under the stars, with my boyfriend.
  2. make homemade ice cream. I did this once in my science class.
  3. Go to the Jones County Fair. Not sure who’s playing but I go every year.
  4. Have a water balloon fight with the boys. I’m curious how far they’ll take it.
  5. Go paddle boarding or kayaking.
  6. Swing off a rope into a lake. Did this once and it was so fun!
  7. Redecorate my room and buy a headboard.
  8. Drink from a coconut. Yeah it’s random buy why not?
  9. Get my puppy fix by going to Petland.
  10. Ride a horse. Or pet one at least. They kinda scare me.
  11. Visit some place haunted. Just visit, preferably during the day.
  12. Work on my parents garden. I think it needs some more color.
  13. Do a DIY project. My boyfriends mom wants me to draw on a window?
  14. Go to a drive-in movie theatre.
  15. Visit a park and go hiking with my dog Charlie.
  16. Get a henna tattoo. I want a real tattoo but this would be better first.
  17. Swim in a pool under the stars. This would be a nice romantic date.
  18. Eat smores and sit around a bonfire with friends. And drink of course.
  19. Go to a BBQ with family.
  20. Spend the day at the beach. Play some volleyball or relax in an inner-tube.

That’s the gist of everything I want to do this summer. I think I can accomplish most of these before school starts up again. Do you have a bucket list for this summer? Make sure you comment below and send me a link!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

39 thoughts on “Before Summer Ends Bucket List

  1. Loved your post! There are a few things on there Wanna do.
    Mine would have to be: Go Ice Skating, Go to Bounce, Do a few covers of my favourite songs for my soundcloud account and write a song!

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  2. Ahh the first one! So freaking cute :3 At the end of the summer, you should totally do a post to see if you completed your bucket list! ..or maybe its just cuz it all sounds like so much fun and I wanna see pics xD Great post!

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  3. I such posts, it gives me more ideas how to spend summer! I was actually working on a similar post for next week) Kayaking was on my list too! I have never tried it!

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      1. Ouch, you just put paid to my pet owning dreams for now. I wanted to adopt those dunce puppies of the TSA. Imagine the sadness of being declared dunce but I would have to take a flight to even go meet them! Gah.

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  4. These sound like so much fun! I’ve been wanting to ride a horse for a while now, I haven’t done it in years! Horse riding is really soothing , I think its the rhythm of the hooves or something.

    I did a list like this myself a bit ago! (I actually mentioned you in the post because I got one or two ideas from a recent post of yours, haha) I posted it here:

    Hope you’ll be able to do these! And hopefully make posts about them? With lots of photos. πŸ™‚

    xx Jan

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