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Weekly Inspiration: Summer Activities


Would you look at that, it’s Monday. Which means it’s the day that I do a weekly inspiration post! I started this series because I want bloggers to feel more appreciated of their hard work. We all try so hard to promote our blogs and stay active in the blogging community. We all want people to read our posts and follow us along our journey. So, I want you all to feel proud of your work and not focus on how many followers you have OR how many likes your posts get!


  • Every Monday I will post a weekly inspiration post
  • I will pick one post published within the last week (or two)
  • The blogger will be tagged and I’ll provide a little introduction
  • I will tag a post that I enjoyed most
  • I’ll mention why it caught my attention and what I liked about it



Bea, short for Beatriz, is a 23-year-old who started blogging because she wanted to share her life with beauty, fashion, workouts, and recipes. She writes about things she loves, is passionate about, and has an interest in. Also, she is very active in the blogging community and very supportive of her followers and readers.


She wrote a post a few days ago about Things To Do This Summer and of course I clicked on this, it’s summer and I need things to do! One thing that stuck out was bonfires. I can’t remember the last time I had a smore. I think it was a few years ago because my best friend, Tran, never had one before. She ate 10 of them that night. Sitting around a fire on a summer night with friends, drinking and chatting away. I miss those nights.

She also mentioned pool parties. I still haven’t gone swimming and I didn’t last summer either. I miss be submerged in water and watching the light shine reflect off of the water. I also miss all the games at a pool party like Chicken or jumping off the diving board. A movie night is also a great idea. Snuggled up in bed with my boyfriend eating pepperoni pizza with pineapple is just what I need right now! Or watching with my best friends. We usually watch White Chicks! Having a game night would be fun too, maybe with my friends and family. There was this one adult card game I played awhile back. Something with cats and unicorns. Can’t really describe it but it was weird!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my weekly inspiration series! I only have one question for you. What kind of activities do you like to do during the summer? Comment below to let me know!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM


10 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration: Summer Activities

  1. I love swimming or going to the lake in the summertime! I love the way it smells here in the South and shockingly enough I love the smell of sunscreen (does that make me weird? Probably). I also love checking out as many baseball games as I can! xoxo

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  2. I love Bea’s blog, too! These are great ideas for spending quality time with the people in your life. I, too, love s’mores and bonfires and they don’t happen nearly as much as I wish 🙂

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