Shows I Haven’t Finished Yet

I love watching a TV-series, especially online. It’s so much nicer watching than waiting each week for a new episode. I could watch a whole series in a few weeks instead of over the course of a few years. Anyways, I want to share with all of you some shows I stopped watching. Maybe you’ll want to check them out and see if I’m wrong for stopping.


This show is about a vigilante crime-fighting team with a former CIA agent named Reese and a billionaire software genius named Finch. They use pattern recognition program created by Finch that determines which individuals will soon be involved in violent crimes. They work together to stop crimes before they happen. This show is pretty neat and I love the intelligence behind the characters. I think I stopped watching it because it got a little repetitive. Maybe now I won’t feel that way.


I thought this show was pretty neat when it came out. My mom and I used to watch it every week. But, we stopped after the first season. I think it started to get a little confusing and a little slow. I guess we didn’t care enough to continue on. I love the concept of it though! A world where fairy-tale legends and modern life collide in a town called Storybrooke. It’s different from your average drama tv series.


Awhile back, I started watching this show with my boyfriend. It’s pretty neat and interesting to watch. The show is about a former government agent and fugitive named Raymond Reddington who surrenders to the FBI. He offers to help put away criminals from a list he compiled, but, only if he works with a woman named Liz Keen. He helps her think like a real criminal and find the bad guys. Again, I love the intelligence behind the show and the characters. I stopped watching because the character, Liz, got a little annoying. I think I get annoyed easily with female characters. Not sure why but it’s usually the reason I stop watching a show.


It’s been a long time since I’ve watched this show. About 3 years actually. This show is about Clark Kent, superman, who struggles to find his place in the world and learns to control his powers and use them for good. He deals with typical teenage troubles in his hometown of Smallville, Kansas. The show is a little old so the graphics and acting can be a little cheesy. But I love it! I would call it a classic, well, for my generation it is. I can’t remember what season I stopped at but I got a little annoyed with one of the characters so I stopped watching it.


As you can see, I love shows that are more intelligent based. Olivia pope, a former media consultant to the president, open up her own crisis-management firm where they “clean up” the lives of other people. Especially people who are famous or have a serious reputation to uphold. However, she has a little secret and can’t seem to separate herself from her past. Overall, I love Olivia because she knows exactly what to do and how to get her clients out of trouble. I stopped watching mostly because it started to focus more on the drama instead of her clients.

There’s probably a lot more but for those, I stopped after a few episodes. They weren’t worth enough for my attention or to join this list. Are there any shows you haven’t finished yet? Comment below and let me know!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM



30 thoughts on “Shows I Haven’t Finished Yet

  1. That’s the exact reason I stopped watching Scandal too! It got way too much with all the Fitz drama. I tried to watch Once Upon A Time too, but it has sooo many episodes and sooo many seasons. I felt like it was dragging xx.

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  2. I had to stop watching Scandal too, there was just too much drama happening. Drama is fine, but that was TOO much! I’ve never seen any of the others you mentioned. I’m currently watching parenthood; I’m almost done, so I’ll need something new to try soon!

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  3. Surprisingly I’ve watched all 6 seasons of Once Upon a Time, but I will admit it’s very confusing. There are always so many different things going on and stories to remember. The first season did seem a little slow but it picked up as the seasons kept going which is why I continued watching.

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  4. The last season of Persons of Interest was only half of other seasons. It wrapped things up quite well with the machines.


  5. I watched all of Once Upon A Time, and have seen seasons 1-3 at least 4 times. As a novelist, I am intrigued by the story, and the connections the writers decide to go with. There are a few plot holes I found because I think the writers weren’t sure how long the series will go. Over all, I suggest trying it out. Season 2 i really good in completing the framework of the series for the characters. But it isn’t everyone’s show, and that’s okay too. : ) I got hooked on watching the Gilmore Girls.

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      1. Yeah, I found Once Upon A Time when I was a junior in college, and it had only completed its first season. I really liked it because I thought it was an interesting take on the fairy tale like you said. Now, I like having Once Upon A Time play in the background while I do chores around the house haha.

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  6. I love this type of posts, b/c I can get some new recommendations.
    Person of Interests sounds like something that I would definitely enjoy watching.
    When I was choosing a new show to watch, I completely forgot about Once upon a time( It’ll be next on my list!
    Oh Scandal, I agree with you that after a while it became all about drama( I did finish it, as I am a huge Shonda Rhimes (the creator) fan.

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      1. aaaaaaaaaaaa, that’s my favorite of all favorites! I can watch it hundreds times and never get sick. Whenever I hook any of my friends on this show, I end up rewatching the whole thing with them!

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  7. Tip about Smallville, the main actress/damsel in distress is the lead in a show on Netflix called Beauty and the Beast. I started off watching that show but haven’t finished it yet but I think it’s worth starting 😁!


  8. I can’t remember what season I left off on Once Upon A Time. I definitely watched a few seasons but I agree after a while it got confusing. I think they used too many stories and characters, adding too much to it. but I would check it out again if I had time.


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