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Weekly Inspiration: Being Vegetarian

Monday is here again. Boy did this week go by fast. Anyways, here is another weekly inspiration post! I started this series because I want bloggers to feel proud of their work and not focus on the number of followers OR likes.


  • Every Monday I will post a weekly inspiration post
  • I will pick one post published within the last week (or two)
  • The blogger will be tagged and I’ll provide a little introduction
  • I will tag a post that I enjoyed most
  • I’ll mention why it caught my attention and what I liked about it



Olivia is passionate about fashion and style. She even wants to go into the fashion industry. She also loves hairstyles. The idea of being a Hollywood hairstylist is another dream of hers. She posts about style, beauty, photography, her thoughts or lifestyle, and projects like sewing and artwork.


She got a little personal and talked about Being Vegetarian. I thought this was really interesting because I considered it a few times. Meat is gross and doesn’t taste all that good so I resort to ketchup. Honestly, it wouldn’t be difficult to say goodbye. Anyways, a month ago, she started being a vegetarian because it makes her feel more energized and less likely to get the munchies. One thing she mentioned about this new lifestyle is getting to try new things. Food that is. Instead of eating the same meals like from home or at a restaurant, she tries things she never would’ve before. It’s pushed her out of her comfort zone and now loves a plate full of green!

Protein is something you would need to watch out for. We all need this in order to be healthy. So, that’s where supplements come in. Or nuts and yogurt. When I was growing up, I didn’t eat much meat. Or beans. Or nuts. Or dairy. Hardly ever. Which I think is the underlying problem with my health issues. My immune system is terrible and the worst usually happens to me. A little stomach ache turns into the stomach flu. Or a couch turns into a nasty virus infection. She left a link for a cookbook with a lot of vegetarian recipes. I’d like to see some of these and hopefully she’ll blog about them soon!

Thanks for reading everyone! I would love to hear what you think about vegetarians and if you’ve ever wanted to join the club. Also, do you know any great recipes you’d like to share? Comment below 🙂Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM




13 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration: Being Vegetarian

  1. I’m vegetarian too – or, I’m getting there. My parents want me to still eat a little meat – so I’m eating fish. I would love to be a full vegetarian someday soon, because not eating meat makes me feel like I’m doing something so much better for the world. xx

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  2. I don’t think i’d be able to go full vegetarian, but i have friends who have gone vegetarian or vegan in the past years. Just that alone has expanded my horizons, I have to learn to cook vegan meals and such for when they come over. Its kind of cool!

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