Sneak Peak At My Week

Instead of doing a day in my life post, I wanted to share my week instead. Well, not the whole week. You see, I decided to stop posting on the weekends. Posting every day is too much. Besides, most people aren’t online on a Saturday or Sunday so might as well save the good stuff for the weekdays! So, I’m sharing what I did starting Sunday to today. I also decided to go with a pink color scheme.



I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I never have that kind of energy so I decided to hit the gym. I walked for about an hour. That’s all I really do anyways. I don’t like to push myself. After, I treated myself to a strawberry smoothie. Makes going to the gym worth it! Maybe I’ll make it a rewarding system for exercising.



Let’s see, I slept in until 10 a.m. and relaxed in bed, enjoyed a bowl of cereal, and watched SVU on Netflix. I then spent a few hours decorating my house and unpacking. I did a little blogging too. That night, I went to my grandmother’s house, which I do every Monday night. My whole family comes and enjoys dinner together! I chose the picture above because it was SO WINDY OUT that day. I almost fell over!



I stopped by my local Goodwill and found this book. I’ve never seen a cover like this before. I did some research and it said Penguin Books is a British publishing house. Not sure how it got all the way to Iowa but I thought it was meant to be. I saw the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio recently and felt the need to read the book. See how good the book is compared to the movie.

pink wall.png


I decided to do a little photography today. I’m got so much time now that I’m done with my summer class. Two weeks to do what ever I want before Fall semesters starts up. I went downtown and shopped. Found some cute tops on sale and check out new stores. One just painted the brick outside this pinkish color. Thought it was perfect for this little pink theme of mine for this post!



For some reason, this whole week, I’ve been craving donuts. I usually don’t like to eat donuts. I like to eat the icing on top. I went to get gas and decided to check out what they had. Usually there’s glazed and one’s with white icing. But today, they had a pink one! I bought a couple and shared them with my roommate.

And this concludes my week! I would’ve extended this to Saturday but I decided to stop posting on the weekends. Anyways, thanks for reading everyone! Let me know what you’ve been up to 🙂Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

21 thoughts on “Sneak Peak At My Week

  1. Love the pink theme (: can’t believe you’ve not read The Great Gatsby (but I guess I can’t say anything cause I haven’t seen the new movie), we had to read it in high school and watch the old movie! It’s so nice you see your family every week too. My favorite donut is strawberry frosted, so that photo has me craving one now! Lovely post as always xoxo

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