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Thoughts On To The Bone


Recently, I watched a Netflix movie called To The Bone. I figured it was time to start watching it after seeing all the reviews and posts. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s about a young girl who suffers from Anorexia. After failing several recovery options and programs, she starts another with a new doctor in his in-patient house with 6 others.

I would consider To The Bone to be a serious movie that’s meant for mature audiences. It’s about eating disorders after all, which shouldn’t be taken lightly or as a joke. They’re considered to be the most deadly mental illnesses due to the difficulty to diagnose and treat. They’re usually about control and learning to eat in moderation.

We have the main character, Ellen, who starts another in-patient program to help recover from her Anorexia. With her unable to control her condition, she not longer receives support from her family. Only her step-mother, however, even she has given up. Then we have Lucas, a former english ballet dancer in recovery for both his anorexia and a knee injury that ended his career. He’s considered to be the upbeat cheerleader for the others with a special interest in Ellen. There are five others in the house who all have their own stories. There is Pearl, the odd ball of the group forced to use a feeding tube. Anna, who resorts to a secret throw up bag after meals. And Megan, who struggles to eat while pregnant.


  • They didn’t glamorize being thin, in fact, they made it very clear that being THAT thin is not good and showed how it hurts everyone around her.
  • It’s very informative on eating disorders and helps spread awareness.
  • It shows a different way of recovery. It’s not a story on being sick, getting treatment, and then healed. Ellen doesn’t consider recovery until hitting rock bottom.
  • The movie is very realistic and honest with such a tough subject matter.


  • The details shown in the movie could be dangerous to potential viewers like how to purge or count calories can come across as tips.
  • I think the movie would’ve been better as a tv-show or mini series. At times it felt rushed, especially the ending and lack of other character development.
  • The love interest didn’t feel real. I don’t like it when two characters meet and suddenly fall in love. It feels forced and unrealistic.

Overall, I’d say you should watch this movie. The acting, the story, the characters are all great. I’d love to hear what you thought about the movie or if you’d consider on checking it out. Comment below!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

25 thoughts on “Thoughts On To The Bone

  1. I’ve been wanting to see this movie, but the “tips” were exactly what I was afraid of. I feel like it’s a similar situation to 13 Reasons Why. The shoe means well, but kind of glamorizes the idea of suicide, you know? I think I’ll still give it a watch though! xx.

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  2. I personally loved the movie but I agree with what you said. I would have loved the movie to have been longer and spread over several parts, and also for it to follow her after her big epiphany in just how she recovered. xx

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  3. I really enjoyed watching this. I think it can be informative to people who are trying to better understand the problem. I agree with you that it lacked character development and that an episode format would have allowed for that. I just finished the show Atypical. I really enjoyed that, maybe you’ll check that out next! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

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  4. I just found a blog called “Beauty Beyond Bones” written by a woman who had suffered from anorexia herself. She actually wrote a post on her thoughts about this movie. For her, even while being fully recovered for a decade, the movie triggered her eating disorder. So this movie may not be good for those who have anorexia. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jordyn!
    ~ Megan Joy

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    1. I’ve been following for several months, and she’s amazing. She followed my blog last year, and that’s how I found her. She found the trailer for the movie triggering, and she didn’t appreciate some of the jokes in the trailer poking at anorexia. Some who have viewed the trailer, and now the movie did say they felt it was good. She stated in the comments, she may have to check it out, and she mentioned for her post she was basing her thoughts off of the trailer. If you check her out, and are interested go ALL the way back to her beginning posts. Those posts for the next few months into the journey of her blog, cover her in patient experience, and later how she found Christ. I definitely recommend her blog, and not only her new blogs, but her old ones too, to really get to know her story. She actually has a book coming out too!!

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  5. I wrote my thoughts on this movie last week. As someone who has suffered from Anorexia and Bulimia, I definitely think this is an accurate portrayal and feel it could be helpful to those who are trying to better understand the illness itself. I think that sufferers have to know what their triggers are and they have to listen to their body when it says “this would be unhealthy for me to watch.” I think some sufferers in recovery would be okay to watch it while others may not ever feel comfortable seeing these images…and that’s okay. I totally understand how someone could view the behaviors shown in the movie as harmful to people in recovery, but I think they are accurate and I’m not sure it would feel authentic otherwise. With as much as they included, they definitely left some things out which made it feel like a “healthy” (for lack of a better word) balance. And I can see how the character development felt rushed and unfinished. I guess I just looked at the movie more as Ellen’s journey of choosing to heal herself more than the actual healing, which made the abrupt ending feel fitting to me. In any case, those are my thoughts! I’m glad you liked it and thanks for sharing your thoughts! xoxox ❤ ❤

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  6. I have really wanted to watch this movie, but part of me is kinda afraid about the ‘tips’ and such things that you would see there. And I just don’t like to watch something like that. I really want to get my own opinion about it though so I probs just have to push through and watch it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it xx

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  7. I saw so many trailers of this movie on FB before it came out! It made me not want to watch it. Like you said, I believed it would have tips and triggers the way 13 Reasons Why did. I also thought it should’ve been a tv show even though I haven’t even watched it but Netflix always does better with shows and it seems like a great topic to continually touch on in several episodes.

    Anyways. Great review! Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I watched this recently with my boyfriend cause I love Lily Collins (: everything she makes is magic and this movie was no exception. He even said he enjoyed it as well which surprised me lol love your thoughts on it!

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