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Pet Peeves For Blogging


Wasn’t sure what photo to pick so I took one while I was on the road. Good enough right? Anyways, today, I am writing about some pet peeves. I don’t want anyone to feel offended or targeted. I want to be honest and hopefully help other bloggers. I don’t think I’m the only person with these pet peeves so maybe this will answer some questions you have towards others. Again, don’t take any of this personally, please.


I really don’t like it. People ask this because they want more followers and more likes. This isn’t like Instagram or Facebook. This is your blog. It isn’t a popularity contest and you shouldn’t be blogging because you want people to like you. It’s important to enjoy writing and blogging. Honestly, if you ask me this, I will NOT check out your blog. I have no interest in someone that needs likes and follows to continue blogging.


This is another thing I don’t like. I’m trying to make an effort to reach out to you and what you wrote. The least you could do is like what I wrote. I understand that it can be hard to reply to a comment. I appreciate it when people take the time to write AND interact with their readers. If you never interact with me, I’ll probably unfollow you.


This is just rude. It doesn’t say if someone unfollows but I can tell when weeks will go by without a like and then suddenly liking every post. I know you’re just checking up on me and trying to stop me from unfollowing, but it’s not nice. Don’t follow me just to get me to follow you back. Follow me because you like what I write and enjoy my blog.


Honestly, if you have that much to say, then write your own post. I’d love to read it! I don’t like it in my comments section because I feel obligated to reply. And it’s hard when you write so much and try to keep track. I feel bad that I end up writing only a sentence of so. When you write your own post, I don’t feel pressured to reply. I think people like it when you keep it simple and short. Maybe only a few sentences. Not paragraph after paragraph after paragraph.


So, I know that a lot of you don’t actually read my posts. You know how I know? Because I’ll say little things like “these aren’t my pictures” and get comments saying they love MY pictures. Or people will literally take the title of my page and say a sentence or two. For example, if the title is about how I stay positive, people will say “it’s great that you are good at staying positive” or something like that. Also, when you like my photo after being published for less than a minute…yeah, you didn’t read it.

Thanks for reading everyone! Or should I say, IF YOU READ THIS. If you have any pet peeves, please share them int he comments section below!Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

36 thoughts on “Pet Peeves For Blogging

  1. My 2 biggest issues are the follow to unfollow game & not interacting with your followers. It used to get me REALLY irritated to the point where I didn’t want to blog anymore because the whole thing felt disingenuous, but I’ve since let it go and just try to be a good follower and do my part to be supportive in the blogging community! xo

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  2. I agree with almost everything you said. However, I have commented that I like pictures, knowing it’s not the bloggers, but it’s a way to show appreciation for picking ones that fit the blog. And I interact with so many bloggers that sometimes a few will fall through the cracks and then I’ll get caught up with them, thus the flurry of likes. I spend HOURS daily interacting with those I follow, sometimes I can’t get to them all. Fortunately, I am a speed reader, or I would never be able to read the blogs I follow since there are so many.
    Sorry, this is so long!
    Have a great weekend!

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  3. YES YES YES to that follow one! I have been getting that one so much lately! Or I’ve been getting people commenting on my blog posts about something totally unrelated to the post itself and I just sit there and scratch my head very confused! As for the follow/unfollow….I don’t know about on my blog but for my instagram….ALL THE TIME! So annoying!

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  4. haha I probably mistakenly wrote something that made it seem like I didn’t read your content. If I’m commenting, it is because I did take the time to read it. Sometimes though, I pick and choose what relates to me or intrigues me out of a blog post, but I get where you’re coming from! I sometimes see other people comment something that made it clearly so that the person didn’t read it, and it defeats the whole purpose of the blog – to reach people with similar issues. (I apologize for the page long comment haha! don’t feel obligated to reply XD)

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    1. Oh no you’re good! And I understand it sometimes but when o get questions about things I clearly wrote just irritates me a little. Like people just comment so others will like their blog. I don’t like it :/ thank you for sharing with me though πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah, that’s not cool. :/ Hopefully though you have more people who actually read your content than those who just want the attention.

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  5. 🌴🌴🌴 Palm trees all over here! 😎But all jokes aside, that asking for a follow one irks me too. It’s not genuine at all. Blogging is supposed to be a fun thing but some people turn it into such a competition and make it about likes and followers. Great post by the way πŸ‘πŸ½

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  6. I’ve had the same thing happen, where I’ll post a review, and ten seconds later, I’ll receive a like. I know some people have the ability to speed read, but no one can read the amount I typically write that fast. The other thing I dislike, are the people, who, and fortunately there are not many of them, but people, who will make a nasty comment, and instead of being upfront about it, hide behind a made up profile, that when I go to respond, doesn’t exist.

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    1. I totally agree. However the like thing. I usually like a post BEFORE I read because I wouldn’t be reading it if it didn’t get my attention right? Ever get s like then a comment 10 minutes later? Yeah that’s why. Or I’ll like things I want to read later.

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  7. hahaha this was simply hilarious to read, because you’re so right! I love how you kept it so real. I get a little bummed out if someone likes my post a few seconds after I posted it, because they definitely didn’t read it! but that’s okay i suppose, the like is appreciated!

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  8. The last one is really annoying me too, I keep getting comments that just say ‘great’ or ‘love it’ etc. I know those people just want me to check out their blog but why would I when they didn’t bother to actually check out mine either.. All the things you listed are so true, but I have to admit that I sometimes tend to write too long comments and I totally understand why it bothers people. Need to try to stop that xx

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  9. True! I TRY not to leave long comments, as a writer it’s in me to explain haha! I only do if I really want to help a blogger based on what they wrote. That’s all πŸ™‚ But please, if I ever do, don’t feel the need to reply, it’s okay with me πŸ™‚ No worries at all! This is also why I skim if I don’t read the whole post. I’ve read majority of people skim blogs, and sometimes I do the same. I like the content, and I want to know what the post is about before I comment. And I don’t like when ask to follow either. Sometimes I’ll bring up a post I wrote that may be similar to the post shared, but asking to follow…it’s shallow. What if I don’t share anything in common? Loved this post! I see your honesty in it and a lot can relate!

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  10. These are all my pet peeves to! When people ask for a follow is so annoying. I don’t mind if you ask me to check your blog but they beg for you to follow. The last one is my top pet peeve when blogging. I always have a laugh when they try and turn my title into a commentπŸ˜‚

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  11. I agree with all of these 100% except the page long comments…I really enjoy reading them when people leave them on my posts. How could you really be mad that someone had so many thoughts towards just one post you wrote. I think it’s sweet! But to each their own. 😊 I enjoyed reading this one a lot!

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    1. Like I said in my post, if you have that much to right about a person connection then I’d rather you do your own post. That way I don’t feel obligated to comment back. It’s hard when it’s so long because I’ll get lost AND I feel bad only saying a sentence or two.


  12. The last one is a big one! Sometimes I read blogs late at night when I’m tired or after I’ve had a few drinks, and I might read something incorrectly, but I do read everyone’s blogs I visit. I’ve definitely gotten the comments from bloggers who didn’t read at all and only go by pictures. For example, a while back I posted about my cousin’s gender reveal party, and someone commented congratulating me. I’m not the one pregnant. lol If they had read, they would know that. It definitely is frustrating, especially if I read their posts and they can’t even read mine thoroughly. I don’t just comment for a comment back (though it’s greatly appreciated). I want my comments to be genuine. If the post doesn’t interest me or I don’t have anything to say, I’ll check out some of your other posts in the future and then comment when I see fit.

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  13. Girl yes! I feel you on almost all of these. I just don’t get the follow-unfollow thing. It’s really sad how desperate people are for followers. Blogging is supposed to be fun! Fellow bloggers should be supportive because they enjoy someone’s content, not just to get a follow back. I would also like to point out that maybe the people that randomly like your posts are just getting around to reading them. Unfortunately, I have a pretty busy schedule and don’t get to comment as much as I would like. Really enjoyed your honesty!

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