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Weekly Inspiration: Imperfections

Happy Monday! You know what that means right? Another weekly inspiration post. If you’re new to my series, welcome. I hope you like this series as much as my readers. You see, I want bloggers to feel more appreciated and noticed of their hard work. Also, I hope these posts will help you find other blogs.


  • Every Monday I will post a weekly inspiration post
  • I will pick one post published within the last week (or two)
  • The blogger will be tagged and I’ll provide a little introduction
  • I will tag a post that I enjoyed most
  • I’ll mention why it caught my attention and what I liked about it


Isobel is a 22-year-old from Manchester who spends most of her time writing, admiring photography, and playing with her dog.


I recently started following her and the first post I read was about Embracing Your Imperfections. At first, she starts off talking about how we are surrounded by people telling us to change. Telling us we need to lose weight or how we should act and be. Why shouldn’t we embrace our imperfections like cellulite, stretch marks, or spots on our bodies. Then she talks about acceptance and how we can’t change everything. And we shouldn’t have to. We all have imperfections which in her opinion, and mine, makes us unique. We are humans after all.

So, the bottom line is that be need to be more confident in ourselves. Love ourselves for who we are and don’t let the negativity get to you. We all have flaws because we are human. So, embrace yourself and keep on doing you!

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you’ll take the time to check out her blog and read her posts. I REALLY like them. She’s very honest which is nice to see. Comment below if you have anything you’d like to add.Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM

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