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What Every Girl Wants In A Relationship


Lately, people my age are getting married. Even my close friends! Which is odd because we’re only 21-years-old. But hey, if you found the one then that’s great! So, I started thinking, what do we all want in a relationship? Well, I compiled a list of what I think all of us girls want in a relationship.


  1. Mention a song that reminds you of her
  2. Give her a piggy back ride when she’s tired
  3. Send a text letting her know you’re thinking about her
  4. Invite her to hang out with the guys (once in awhile)
  5. Write a handwritten note, it goes a long way
  6. Play her favorite song just to see her smile and dance
  7. Hold her hand, even if you’re driving
  8. Invite her when you go to dinner with your family
  9. Remember the little things about her
  10. Stick up for her when someone puts her down
  11. Remind her how beautiful she is
  12. Be a gentleman, it’s that simple
  13. Show an interest in getter to know her family
  14. Carry her to bed instead of waking her up
  15. Let her wear your sweatshirt or t-shirt
  16. Share your food with her, even just a bite
  17. Buy flowers once in awhile, or pick them
  18. Dance with her, even if you’re both terrible at it
  19. Love her every way that you can
  20. Give her a kiss before bed and when you wake up

I think all of these are important. Girls feel love through affection and that’s what you should give her. Lots and lots of love and affection! Is there anything I might of missed? Comment below and share it with me 🙂Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 11.34.27 PM




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