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Setting Up My Bullet Journal

I haven’t done a bullet Journal post for almost a month now. I’ve been slacking big time. I am taking an intense language course this summer. I have class everyday for 3 hours, over 3 hours worth of homework, and exams every Friday. I haven’t had much time for my hobbies so today, I’ve been…… Continue reading Setting Up My Bullet Journal

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For All The Mother’s Out There

  I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! I defiantly did. I would first like to share with you reasons why I love my mother and why she is such an inspirational, positive person in my life. The reasons are endless but I picked a few of the most important reasons. Then, I will…… Continue reading For All The Mother’s Out There

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Getting Creative With Your Bullet Journal

My boyfriend turned 21 on April 10th so I figured a page directly about him and all the things I love about him was a good idea. I placed a page about gifts to help me brainstorm what to get him andĀ future gifts for Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Wil is very special to me.…… Continue reading Getting Creative With Your Bullet Journal

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Sneak Peak at My Bullet Journal

I would consider myself to be a perfectionist. I tend to redo projects over and over until it’s exactly how I want it. If the paper gets folded, I’ll start over. If I spell a word wrong inĀ pen, I’ll start over. And the list goes on. But bullet journaling has helped me with this little…… Continue reading Sneak Peak at My Bullet Journal