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How To Discover Your Talents

I believe that everyone has a natural gift. And it’s important to know what they are. I recently took a Positive Psychology class and learned how our strengths and weaknesses can lead us to a more happy and fulfilled life. LOOK AT YOUR PASTTry to remember when you weren’t influenced by others. Try to remember…… Continue reading How To Discover Your Talents

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What Every Girl Wants In A Relationship

Lately, people my age are getting married. Even my close friends! Which is odd because we’re only 21-years-old. But hey, if you found the one then that’s great! So, I started thinking, what do we all want in a relationship? Well, I compiled a list of what I think all of us girls want in…… Continue reading What Every Girl Wants In A Relationship

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Little Things That Make My Day

Lately, I’ve been stressed out. With school, work, and my relationships. Being stressed all the time really wears you down and makes your days suck. But, I started noticing on those days, there’s little things that help make it not such a bad day. So today, I’m going to talk about things that make me…… Continue reading Little Things That Make My Day


My Copy Cat Cosmic Brownies

Ever heard of these brownies before? I used to love these when I was growing up. They’re really good and comforting in a way. I didn’t take pictures of the process because, well, it looks messy. My kitchen has terrible lighting and gross colored countertops. I guess that’s what you get when you live in…… Continue reading My Copy Cat Cosmic Brownies