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What Every Girl Wants In A Relationship

Lately, people my age are getting married. Even my close friends! Which is odd because we’re only 21-years-old. But hey, if you found the one then that’s great! So, I started thinking, what do we all want in a relationship? Well, I compiled a list of what I think all of us girls want in…… Continue reading What Every Girl Wants In A Relationship

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Little Things That Make My Day

Lately, I’ve been stressed out. With school, work, and my relationships. Being stressed all the time really wears you down and makes your days suck. But, I started noticing on those days, there’s little things that help make it not such a bad day. So today, I’m going to talk about things that make me…… Continue reading Little Things That Make My Day

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Weekly Inspiration: Imperfections

Happy Monday!¬†You know what that means right? Another weekly inspiration post. If you’re new to my series, welcome. I hope you like this series as much as my readers. You see, I want bloggers to feel more appreciated and noticed of their hard work. Also, I hope these posts will help you find other blogs.…… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration: Imperfections

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Meal Plan Mini Challenge

It’s the start of another month which means it’s time to start another mini challenge. This month’s is going to be a little different. I’m back on my diet and eating healthy. I thought I’d make a little meal plan mini challenge with different recipes. Some I’ve tried and some I haven’t. I’ll also leave…… Continue reading Meal Plan Mini Challenge